October 28, 2016


Hey friends, today I am talking about marketing. Fun topic, right? Stick with me here.

The word ‘marketing’ has a bad connotation attached to it. The word itself can feel desperate, commercial, cold, and complicated. Especially for those of us that call ourselves creative entrepreneurs. We put a lot of heart into our business. We know marketing is needed but it often feels like a necessary evil that goes against who we are.


If marketing feels like shouting the loudest so people notice us above all the chaos, we got it ALL wrong and we certainly will not feel good while doing it. Marketing should always start with caring.

While there are lots of strategies out there, one of the most impactful marketing tactics is often overlooked. It’s client care, friends. Yep, you heard right. Client care may not be fancy, but it is one of the most influential aspects of our business. And certainly marketing at it’s finest.

Here are five reasons why client care is marketing that always works:

  • Client care creates a strong emotion towards a company. We all want to feel respected and valued. Good customer service makes us feel cared for and respected. People buy based on these underlying emotions.
  • Client care gets talked about. When we have an awful customer service experience, the first thing we do is rant to a friend, right? The opposite is also true – if a brand  goes above and beyond to take care of us – we want to sing their praises to our network.
  • Client care is part of the product. It is easy to think of customer service as separate from our product. But it is as much part of our client’s experience as the actual product or service they are buying from us. It shapes how people feel about our product and if they’ll recommend us to others.
  • Client care forms our reputation – what others think about us even before they buy from us. Reputations stick and stay intact for years! Others will always see our brand through the lens of ‘our reputation’. A good reputation is often all people need to choose a brand.
  • Client care is the ‘little things’. As with much of life, it’s the little things that make all the difference. As long as we make the time for it and are intentional about it, client care is something we all can do.

The funny thing with client care is that it is one of the easiest balls to drop when things get crazy. Here at Char co, reminding ourselves of the impact it has helps us keep it as a top priority.

Marketing is one of the ways others experience our brand and a key part of our brand story. While there are many ways to market and and tell a powerful brand story, client care is a big one and certainly something we want to be intentional about the story it is telling!

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