January 18, 2019


It is true, and even scientifically proven, that people make decisions based on emotions and a personal set of values. It is also true, and again scientifically proven, that our brains process and respond to visuals quicker than any other type of input coming our way. 

This means that visuals play a HUGE role in connecting to customers. The visuals of your brand are every element of your company that is seen by your audience. This includes your logo, colors, signage, photography, interior design, fonts, etc. All of it working together tells a story and must be consistent, compelling, and customer-focused.

Think for a second about one of your favorite brands. When you take a look at their brand photography, are their certain emotions or values that are prominent? Do the ads they put out make you excited to be a customer and beckon you to shop again? Is the design of their storefront or website catered to a specific type of person? Great brands know their customers well and then use visuals as a means to connect.

While the process of knowing and connecting to your target audience is ongoing, there are some principles that can be established as a foundation as you move forward. 


What do your customers value? Take time to identify the core values that your target audience lives from. This can look like a list of words or phrases that guide your ideal clients lives and decision making. Keep this list in mind when planning for and creating your brand visuals. Whether it be a photograph, ad, or website your brand visuals should always align with what your customer believes in.


Know the lifestyle of your customer. Does your target audience live a fast paced on the go life? Do they like to travel? Are they interested in books over movies? Knowing little details about your ideal client may seem silly to define but can help you create visuals that connect to a real person – someone with a name, job, hobbies, and family. When you know who you are creating for it is easier to identify how to capture what they love through visuals. 


What emotion rings true of your brand visuals at large? Do you want your brand visuals to motivate? bring joy? provide a sense of calm? The emotion of your brand is told through your brand visuals, so pinpointing how you want your visuals to feel is a powerful tool to connect and build trust with your audience. 

words by lindsay – project manager

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