Half Dozen Cafe + Bakery

A family-owned cafe & bakery, offering seasonally-inspired, nourishing food that brings people together. 

Story Development
Brand Strategy
Art Direction
Logo Design
Photo Styling
Website DESIGN


Half Dozen Cafe & Bakery came to us in a time of growth. After being in business for a couple years, they wanted a more concrete brand identity that would connect with their loyal customer base and guide them as they move forward in business. Our goal for this project was to create a consistent brand experience that accurately captured the heart of Half Dozen.


Our work with Half Dozen Cafe and Bakery provided a brand blueprint that guides their messaging and visuals. With this clear strategy we captured brand visuals and designed a new website that have given them a clear and compelling presence that serves their target audience. 


We kicked off with our brand story workshop and as always, it was a day full of asking the hard questions, digging deep, and eventually finding clarity on what Half Dozen is and where they are going. Half Dozen truly offers a unique experience and we wanted to bring attention to everything that sets them apart. All the information we gathered during the workshop, lead us to the creation of the Brand Identity and Brand Guide and guided a brand look and feel, logo, and photo shoot.


Half Dozen Café and Bakery’s look and feel is comforting, but not too home-spun - a true modern take on “fresh organic.” Light, airy, natural and simple the look can be summarized as ‘friendly modern.’ It evokes a sense of family heritage while still remaining relevant and on-trend.

Half Dozen Café and Bakery’s color palette is soft - mixing cool and warm muted tones. The mixture of tones directly aligns with the ‘friendly modern’ brand feeling.

HOW WE did it



Previously without a website, the Half Dozen Website includes easy to navigate single scroll design, storytelling copy, and a custom menu design.