Myerstown, PA

A town with historic roots and a vibrant future, Myerstown proudly serves and honors the people who live within the community.



We partnered with the Myerstown Borough to build a brand and marketing strategy as a part of the town’s ongoing revitalization plan. The council’s comprehensive plan includes initiatives to create a sense of place within the town, form a strong community, and provide an ideal setting for new businesses and residents.


A strong sense of place enables individuals and families to feel connected - creating strong communities with people who care about one another and shared values. As residents of Myerstown begin to engage with the community in a new way, new businesses will begin to develop and old ones will be renewed and perceptions will be changed. The brand strategy, purpose, and content created set Myerstown on a trajectory of growth and prosperity.


We began by interviewing key stakeholders, influencers’, and businesses in town asking questions such as: What do you believe is Myerstown’s greatest asset? And biggest obstacle? ; Do you have ideas on how to help the community catch the vision of revitalizing the town? ; Why did you choose to open your business in Myerstown? We reviewed the Myerstown’s comprehensive plan covering in detail the projects the council is undertaking. We studied the town history and reviewed the current statistics on the town including demographics, income level, homeowners versus renters. We asked people living outside the town their perspective on Myerstown. This phase enabled us to get a sense of the town’s heartbeat, its history, what it is today, and vision for the future.

After the audit and research phase, we were ready to build the heart of our process - the brand foundation. Question asking and thoughtful strategy are the tools needed for this phase. The town’s strengths, values, why others will choose the town, who will live and work there, and how the town is making an impact is some of what was identified.


Myerstown’s look evokes feelings of a thriving community, outdoor recreation, and small town life. The moodboard is welcoming and relatable to all age groups. Textures of the town such as stone, brick, greenery, and water are incorporated into Myerstown’s look. The colors of Myerstown are classic and warm portraying a town that is both historic and innovative.

Myerstown's brand colors create a look that is inviting and comforting; lake blue, slate gray, cloudy beige, and historic yellow. The blue hints at the history and importance of the Myerstown waterways. The slate gray and cloudy beige are warm neutrals that add professionalism to the brand. The historic yellow mimics the window panes found on the Isaac Meier Homestead; paying tribute to the history of the town.

HOW WE did it