Eagle Rental provides customers with all they need: equipment, materials, education, inspiration, guidance, and confidence. 

Story Development
Brand Strategy
Art Direction
Logo Design
Photo Styling
Website DESIGN


The Eagle Rental brand was becoming dated and no longer showcased their expertise and quality. They approached us with a goal to update their brand strategy, positioning in the market place, and connect with their desired market. We partnered with Eagle Rental to brand both the events and equipment branches of their business; with a core focus of growing their events branch. 


As a result, a thoughtful brand story was developed that is visually strong and communicates Eagle Rentals expertise, supreme customer experience, and quality of products. The brand strategy positioned the company as well deserved leaders in the rental company industry earning trust, respect, and loyal customers. Specifically, the social media management built a foundation for customers to connect with Eagle Rental's event rentals in a fresh way.


Through research, discovery, and strategy sessions we determined Eagle Rental's core values as transparency, people, excellence, efficiency, and progress. A prime customer experience functions as the core of their business. Additionally, their exceptional caliber of comprehensive services and products create an efficient, smooth, and even enjoyable process that keeps customers returning and fosters positive, lasting relationships. By putting wording to the brand through our 7 step process, this identity was referenced back to as we walked through the rest of the project.  


The look and feel conveys the hospitality woven through all aspects of Eagle Rental. Authenticity, professionalism, and serenity resonate throughout the imagery. Eagle Rental’s look creates a sense of warmth and expertise. Natural wood, classic style, and friendly faces speak to the elegant professionalism and genuine care Eagle Rental establishes for each customer. As a whole, the soft neutrals, clean lines, and natural light lend to a feeling of peace. Overall, the mood board communicates the way Eagle Rental values customers, provides unmatched, people-focused service, and attends to the details of all kinds of events with expertise and professionalism.

The classic, crisp hues communicate professionalism and approachability. Inspiring possibility as well as creativity, the colors give voice to the idea that anything is possible when planning a special event, and we will usher you through a seamless process in order to achieve your goals.

HOW WE did it


A social media plan was developed to communicate the new brand strategy. This included strategies for Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest

 • Targeted content plan
 • Building a social audience
 • Detailed content advertisement
 • Compelling visuals
 • Copy that demonstrated the brand’s personality
 • Analytics and insight trackings and reporting



The redesign of both Eagle Rental event and equipment websites included updated imagery, copy, and a organized rental catalog. The result was a website that is user friendly, clean and simple in design, and updated to reflect their brand strategy.