Savannah House

A high-end boutique store and design service offering quality, custom-tailored, and thoughtfully designed window treatments and soft goods.

Story Development
Brand Strategy
Art Direction
Logo Design
Photo Styling
Website DESIGN


Savannah House's work is excellent, custom-tailored, and high-end. They came to us needing a brand strategy and look that communicated exactly that. 


The brand story and brand collateral created was a launching pad for Savannah House. The strategy, photography, and design created guided the company as they opened a storefront and stepped into a new season of growth. 


The project began with a period of research and information gathering. After meeting with Savannah House and followup strategic meetings we discovered at the heart of Savannah House was a desire to see others find joy in their homes and create a place where family and friends can gather. After defining the internal 7 steps of our story process, we moved into the implementation phase. 


The Savannah House brand aesthetic is high end. The “new southern style” incorporates traditional, classic design with hints of modern shapes and textiles. The moodboard is filled with textural layering and structured furnishings. Quality fabrics, hints of brushed gold, and distinctive detailing create a look and feel that is polished and fresh. With a modern ease and hints of southern charm, the overall look evokes a feeling of sophistication and is upscale without losing warmth and comfort. The color palette is made up of both warm and cool tones, balancing a sense of quality with serenity. Together, the colors feel calm, fresh, and luxurious.

HOW WE did it


A new website design provided Savannah House with an online space that is beautiful, clean, and clear. The scope of the web project included copy, photography, and design.