best of lancaster county

A local businessman with a thriving company seeks to elevate his brand and seize on a new opportunity

Story Development 
Brand Strategy 
Art Direction
Logo Design 
Photography and Styling 
Website Design 
Brand Collateral 
Print and Marketing Designs 


Glenn Stoltzfus believes good things happen around food. There is something special that takes place when people gather around the table and share a meal. Good food connects us. And Best of Lancaster County is all about connecting good food to good people.

Building on a strong commitment to local, small businesses, Best of Lancaster County offers a food delivery service that streamlines and simplifies all aspects of food ordering and delivery. It serves up local homemade favorites to scores of restaurants, stores, and institutions across Lancaster County. Looking to expand the brand’s reach, the company is launching a
home-delivery arm of the business. 


We looked forward, with delight, to meeting with this team. With a great sense of humor and a ready smile, they brought a genuine warmth and love of people to each of our meetings. It was easy to see how they built relationships with customers across his business. 

As we began creating a brand identity for Best of Lancaster County, we brainstormed creative ways to communicate the brand and framed new ideas on how to make the home delivery addition accessible and fun. We provided feedback as well as design direction for an updated logo, revamped website, sales brochure, and more. We supported a social media presence through the creative direction, styling, and photography for the updated brand. Every step of the way, we enjoyed a vibrant dialogue with this team, listening to the ideas and running with them when they aligned with the brand. The growing energy and enthusiasm inspired creativity and led to great conversations about what promised to be a thriving and expanding brand.

HOW WE did it

HOW WE did it

Connecting good food to good people.