birch & beam

Husband and wife take over the family home-building business to create custom, luxury homes

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Home is a special place and means something uniquely different to all of us. For Delmer and Junita Bender, home is the place where you prop your feet up after a hard day - a place to gather, to feel safe, to be yourself. And it’s those kinds of homes they dreamed of creating. 

Birch & Beam homes combine the tradition of hand-crafted building with modern style. Throughout every inch of a Birch & Beam home, you see Delmer’s flawless skill; a true master craftsman dedicated to his work and proud of his product. The result is a kind of functional durability that exceeds anything mass-produced. This level of craftsmanship is matched only by Birch & Beam’s service. Junita personally shepherds clients through the build process, anticipating needs, conveying details, and staying on top of the project’s progress. With a signature warmth and hospitable care, she makes sure clients feel at ease and confident.

Together, Delmer and Junita have created a home-building experience that feels almost as good as getting the keys to the front door. Every detail in the process gets their full attention. They remain devoted to doing the job right, to removing the burden and worry that can come with building, and of course, to taking good care of their clients. 


One of the most comprehensive projects we tackled, we support this brand as it was (almost literally) built from the ground up. Not only did we create a Brand Story and Look + Feel for them, we created a new brand name and logo. Our design team engineered a stunning book used to introduce prospective clients to Delmer and Junita as well as their process. As the project progressed, we consulted on web design, sourced a videographer, and scripted the video.

Through the project, we loved connecting with Delmer and Junita. They brought the same level of integrity and energy to the brand story process that they do to home building. As is the case with many clients, we end up sharing far more than just business know-how - we wind up sharing a chunk of ourselves. And honestly, we couldn’t do it any other way. 

HOW WE did it

HOW WE did it

Crafted by hand. Framed with integrity. Built for life.