a Brooklyn based architecture firm, designing to enrich the lives of others, build connection and contribute to the community.

Story Development
Brand Strategy
Name Development
Art Direction
Logo Design
Photo Styling
Website DESIGN


The Rise team came to us during a season of exponential growth with a desire to attract a specific clientele, better communicate their strengths, and develop a brand structure that would guide the firm during ongoing growth.


A visually strong and thoughtful brand story positions Rise Architecture as experienced problem-solvers, offering up dynamic design that not only inspires purposeful living, but invites people into transformational spaces. Their brand experience builds trust, impacts lives, and connects communities.


Including market research, an in-person workshop, and extensive assessment; our team collaborated with the Rise team to develop a comprehensive brand story positioning the company as a firm fueled by the desire to merge beauty and usability into one; delivering a meaningful experience that better connects people to their environment.


Putting a signature spin on timeless elements, Rise creates a new classic look and design. Clean and elegant, yet sleek and modern, the look and feel reflects a people-centered approach that invites both interest and practical living. Light and scope elevate these spaces while unique touches characterize each singular project. 

The color palette of Rise reflects a modern, unexpected vibe.  Often associated with feelings of creativity and success, a bold orange tone pronounces more subtle tones found in elements like leather, wood beams, stone, and crisp white walls. This orange “pop” makes the brand instantly recognizable.”

HOW WE did it



A complete refresh of the website included a dynamic homepage animation, updated brand imagery, a responsive portfolio map, and showcase of team members.