fiddle & fig

A dynamic partnership dreams of pursuing their passions and revitalizing a community

Experience Strategy 


While exploring post-retirement opportunities, Jamie Lapp latched onto a long-held dream of owning her own home decor business. She approached family friend Morgan Holt and proposed a venture: opening a unique home goods store in Winston-Salem, North Carolina called Fiddle & Fig.

Focused on bringing back the art of gathering, Fiddle & Fig offers carefully-curated, budget-friendly home decor items to help others create spaces that welcome people and invite joy. The tailored shopping experience at Fiddle & Fig encourages even the novice designer. At the heart of it all was Jamie and Morgan’s deep love and appreciation for hospitality. They desired to share the importance of time spent together.

Channeling their creative energies, Jamie and Morgan spearheaded the vision for the renovation of an abandoned building in the West End of Winston which would be anchored by Fiddle & Fig. Working with other local merchants, they generated the blueprint for a destination. The space is specifically designed to be a gathering place, offering a memorable experience and investing in the local community. Because for them, that’s really what it’s all about - being together with those you love.


Supporting Jamie and Morgan as they built a brand new business was inspiring. Their intergenerational partnership and mutual respect for one another reflected their commitment to the project and its success. It wasn’t unusual for all of us to become increasingly excited about the brand as we reviewed inventory with them or looked at floor plans and mock-ups of the storefront. 

Their contagious, continuous energy fueled our creativity. We designed a logo for them and helped think through ways in which to make the in-store experience more vibrant and personal. We provided a sounding board for ideas and brought strategic insight for their photography and social media campaign. Meeting regularly, in-person with Jamie and virtually with Morgan (as she lives in NC) helped us develop a strong relationship to both women. Consequently, we genuinely celebrated their successes and stood with them when things didn’t quite go as planned. Watching the resulting changes in their lives while they chased this dream reminded us of both the joy and sacrifice involved in leaning into a new business. 

HOW WE did it

HOW WE did it

“One thing that we could say [about CHAR co.] is that you all have made it possible for us to take a cohesive brand to our bankers so they could really get an idea of what we are all about! Also, we are now able to get our social media pages running and looking so professional.”

- Jamie Lapp, Co-Owner of Fiddle & Fig