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A visionary business owner looking to expand and diversify needs strong branding to build a new organization from the ground up

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Joe Mazzeo came to us with a clear vision - to create an investment company that restored homes to their former glory, allowing people to own the home of their dreams. The owner of a successful construction company, Joe wanted to create a new organization that would work alongside his established business. With experience in the renovation industry, and a high standard for professional integrity, this addition was a next step in business expansion and growth. 

Yet, Restored Investments is about so much more than just reclaiming homes. At the center of the brand is the belief that life-changing opportunities should exist for everyone. Rooted in a family heritage of hard work and helping others, the Restored Investments brand creates opportunity and then makes it accessible. 


One of the most striking things about working with Joe and Restored Investments was to see the evolution of the business take shape right before our eyes. As we met with Joe and his team and started asking questions around their vision for the future, it sparked ideas and led the team to take action steps that eventually resulted in a new branch of service for the business. Watching the team’s excitement build and engagement was inspiring and rewarding. 

In reflecting on the experience of working with CHAR co., Joe observed, “Intentionality or care really stood out to us. It felt like you [CHAR co.] were really trying to help us figure out a solution - a solution tailored specifically to us, not something that was fit into a format. There was care and effort put in. It was like, ‘Hey whatever it’s going to take to get this to where it’s going to be, we’re in.’ We’re really excited about what we got and feel it’s on par with any other super high level business.”

HOW WE did it

HOW WE did it

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