A second generation with the vision of moving the family business toward the future

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Andrew and Crystal Wiegand are dreamers, and they dream big.

The husband and wife team came to us as they began taking over the family business. A well-established, successful company building high end homes, Wiegand Design + Build wanted to honor the foundation built by its founder while guiding the business toward a new innovative style. 

At the heart of Wiegand Design + Build is a commitment to people and realizing their dreams...with an adventurous kind of fervor. It’s more than just building a house, it’s capturing the spirit of limitless potential and creating a space where the beauty of every day is amplified. Wiegand Design + Build custom homes move beyond the bare necessities and into a space where imaginative aesthetics, raw materials, and inspiring design make home a meaningful experience. 


Visionary and always thinking of something new, it wasn’t unusual for the Wiegand team to grab paper and pencil and sketch out an original design or problem-solving approach for us to take a look at. The energy was contagious and inspiring! 

For this project, we provided consulting around transitioning from an established family business to a innovative company with a focus on high-end design. We talked at length about the brand identity - what parts of the old brand to build upon or support while simultaneously crafting design-centric elements tailored specifically to the Wiegand Design + Build vision. In addition to crafting a brand identity, we provided creative vision for a new name, photography, designed a logo, and consulted on social media. 

Working with Wiegand Design + Build reminded us that, in truth, anything is possible. 

WIEGAND Design + build

HOW WE did it

HOW WE did it