March 11, 2011


There are several things I love. Well, a lot of things. But to mention a few; girlfriends, coffee (currently loving Panera bread’s coffee with a sprinkle of cinnamon), and talking about shutter speeds and apertures. Combining all three? Good deal! You see, I get lots of emails from girls that have a passion for photography. Many are in college. They may be seniors that I have worked with in the past. They all LOVE photography, are considering really going for it, and wanna learn,learn, learn. So they are doing what I think is very wise….reaching out and asking other photographers for help. So wise. I know I have learned and continue to learn some of the most valuable info from other photographers. So I started throwing out the option of ‘Mentor Session’ to these emails. Ha, does it make me sound all wise and mature?!! =) No, really…I love it. For one, it combines all the things I love: Coffee, shutter speeds and such, and girlfriends…particularly ‘just graduated from high school or in college and ready to GO’ girls. We meet, we talk, we have coffee, we shoot. They might even come with me to assist on ‘for real’ shoots. I feel like I have so much to learn myself, I am quite honored these girls want to spend time with me.

Chelsea is in college, has a heart for youth ministry, loves photography and is adorable. This girl has so much potential…it is written all over her. I know, know she has a huge future. Chelsea, thank-you for meeting with me and I canNOT wait to see where God will take you.

Jolyn from In His Image Photography is a long time friend and she joined us also. Thanks Jolyn, for coming out!

Pretty Lady!

On another note, thought of the day: ‘Start where you are. Use what you have.’

I heard this statement a few days again and it has been running through my head. I like it. It is simple. And it removes all excuses. How often do I say to myself, I will do this when I get that or have this or…or…or. If only, then I would…

It has given me something to mull over. Happy Friday! =)

  1. Epiphany Bliesath

    March 11th, 2011 at 12:34 pm

    Hey Char! Love the pics! Gorgeous as always. :) even though we just talked over the phone the other day, I would still love to have one of these sessions with you. I really enjoy talking to you, and it would give me an excuse to drink coffee and chat. :)

  2. Kali Norton

    March 16th, 2011 at 12:17 pm

    Char, I think this is a great way to help out photographers starting and send them in the right direction for resources if they’re serious. I was just talking to another photographer about this this morning, because it’s SO hard when you get so many emails from people about “what you did” when you’re just to the point where things seem to be coming together in your business. I say “your” universally, of course. I believe mentor sessions are a great way to lead those who are serious about photography in the right direction, without just simply giving them all of the answers you worked so hard for. Kudos to you!

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