January 13, 2016


Jonathan Leitzel had little interest in barbering as a child. The fact that he operates a business in downtown Lancaster, PA; oversees a talented, growing team of barbers; and welcomes a myriad of clients from the tri-state area comes as a surprise to him. Today the Black Comb has quickly grown from a team of two to currently six barbers. The shop has moved from its original Duke Street location to a building five times larger on Orange Street to suit its ever-expanding client base. Known for its precise cuts, straight razor shaves, beard butter, and a quip or two, in just two years, The Black Comb has emerged as a Lancaster City staple.

Today we are extremely honored to feature Jonathan Leitzel, the man behind the Black Comb. What an incredible example of a top notch brand living out their story so so well.

KAREN is the vision, hands, and writer behind Masters of Their Craft features and will take it from here….

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Master Craft

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