April 7, 2016


The old saying goes “A photo is worth a thousand words.” That is true more than ever today in a world that is so fast paced. Visual marketing is increasingly important for brands to tell a story and connect with their market.

Here is five reasons this is so true.

1. Photos form the first impression of a brand. How often do we hear of a new brand, grab our phone, pull up their instagram, and then jump to their site. We did not take the time to read, but we saw the visuals and formed instant opinion. It all happens in 60 seconds. The first impression sticks and is so important!

2. Photos communicate what we are selling other than the product. Our customers do not buy our product or service, instead they buy a result, a feeling, and hope they believe our product will give them. It may be supporting local craftmenship, appreciation for quality ingredients, hope for the future, hospitality, or happiness. To thrive as a brand, we must communicate clearly to our costumers what internal need and desire we are meeting with our product or service.

3. Beautiful photos add perceived value to a brand. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. We may have an excellent product, but if our photos are not appealing to our customers we will have a hard time earning loyalty and trust.

4. The brain reacts almost instantly to a visual. A stoplight turns red and our foot hits the brake without thinking about it. On the other hand, when we see a verbal message in print, it takes time to read and interpret.

5. Intuitively we notice and respond to visuals that please. Our customers do the same. Strong visuals attract and help our customers visualize using the product.

The photos below were intentionally styled to capture a feeling while being visually pleasing. We are honored and grateful to work with this top notch and well loved brands.

Evanilla Donuts are such a treat. We styled this photo to communicate a delightful morning. The colors capture fresh and happy. The iPhone communicates modern lifestyle, stopping for a minute for a sweet and delicious indulgence.


Liz Riden is beautiful handcrafted goods. We wanted to communicate the handcrafted quality of Liz Riden’s leather products. The tools, scraps of leather, and zippers send the message that these bags are not made in a large factory. Instead they are built by hand with much love and care.


In this Liz Riden photo a lifestyle is showcased. The lipstick, camera, and shades capture a fulfilled, on-the-go, feminine lifestyle.  The colors are clean and simple, showing on trend and modern.


Thistle and Finch Distillery are makers of exceptional small batch whiskey, gin and vodka. This photo showcases the small batch, quality ingrediants that go into Thistle and Finch’s products. The dark tones add a organic and rustic feel. The fruit and nuts represent abundance, enjoying life, and good food. We kept the color pallet simple and understated, communicating a top notch product with no fuss needed.


In the following Thistle and Finch photo; hospitalty, time with friends, and celebrating is captured. It looks like a gathering is about to happen and Thistle and Finch is front and center, sure to be the life of the party.


Wiegand Inc builds custom homes. This photo shows the heart and soul the builders put into custom designs. It connects the viewer to the hard work behind the product. A photo of a new home can feel impersonal. This photo adds the human and personal touch that goes into the process.

2016-04-05_0004Capturing a feeling while being visually pleasing is a powerful combination. Intentional styled photos have been part of CHAR co for several years. The past several months we have been developing styled photos alongside STORY. More photos and and thoughts on STORY can be found HERE.

ALSO, today at 3pm I am sharing on Ellechat’s webinar all about story! Excited AND nervous. Go here to signup!

  1. Raluca

    September 18th, 2016 at 4:16 am

    I love the idea of this article. It’s exactly the way I feel about design too, it’s all about functionality and visual marketing and it would be great if every website owner would understand that.

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