April 11, 2016


Sky-high magnificent buildings, streets teeming with pedestrians, taxis zooming and honking, pristine storefronts beckoning the passerby, and street corner vendors enticing with savory sandwiches – New York City is bursting with life and passion. Each person has a story bringing them to where they are today – and many are continuing to write their stories out of small apartments, on the crowded sidewalks, with two full time jobs, and a mentality that with great risk comes great reward.

Teresa Carter is the creator of DeBrosse, an online knit shop dedicated to the care of Haitian orphans. Tastefully decorated in neutrals and yarn, Teresa’s home doubles as her work and living space. It’s a peaceful haven of creativity, passion, and purpose with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city. She spends her days in her little 350 square foot apartment creating new scarves, placing shipments, responding to emails and connecting with a devoted Instagram community.

Today we are so honored and excited to introduce you to Teresa. What a beautiful example of a purpose filled brand living out a story so well!

Follow the link below and read the rest of the story. It’s a good one packed with inspiration!

Master Craft

Our MASTERS OF THEIR CRAFT series gives a glimpse into the lives of artists, entrepreneurs, craftsmen, business owners, innovators, and fellow dreamers who excel in their area of expertise. They use their gifting with passion and excellence. Their work is tried and true. By sharing these innovators with others who we know will value the labor of their hands as much as we do, we aim to make a humble attempt at giving them honor by telling their stories.

A big thanks to BRITTNEY HIPPENSTEEL DESIGN for doing this beautiful design for us.

  1. Linda McPherson

    October 5th, 2016 at 1:13 pm

    I loved reading and feeling your thoughtful words. What a wonderful adventure your craft has provided for you.
    The photography is beautiful and so heart inspiring.
    Your plan for your next step of teaching the Mamas to teach their young is perfect. You will gain additional gratification knowing you have done this service.
    Congrats on a job well done.

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