May 19, 2016


As the months fly by, we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of summer and the bountiful harvest it brings. Here amidst the hills of Pennsylvania, farming is everywhere and is a large part of our lifestyle. The weekends often find us browsing the farmer’s markets, picking out squash to grill, tomatoes to roast, and fresh baguettes to share with family and friends. So we partnered with our dear friends at Hatchery to celebrate the oncoming of summer and the beautiful assortment of food it brings to us. We grilled up some fresh produce and bread made perfect with Hatchery’s products. Sandwiches and salads were made in plenty. Take a look!



Our friends from the Hatchery team make celebrating the turn of the seasons easy with their ingredients, all handcrafted by independent makers who are passionate about their product. For this recipe, we used Jalapeno Hot Sauce to drizzle on some of our sandwiches. Made in California, this hot sauce has amazing smoky undertones and a creamy texture you can’t resist! The Medium Thai Salsa was amazing on some bread with our homemade parsley pesto. Inspired by traditional Thai flavors, this salsa allows you to taste every ingredient without any cover-up. A perfect way to spice up a dish, we are totally loving the uniqueness of this salsa! For the kale salad, we used the very delicious 7 Salad Dressing, full of fresh flavor and quality ingredients. And last, but certainly not least, we used the amazing Bombay Bliss, an incredible spice that is simultaneously smoky, sweet, and savory. We added this in our homemade pesto and it provided it with a flavor like no other! Check out Hatchery’s Marketplace to see all of their incredible and unique products.




Here are a couple recipes from our vegetable bounty ::

We collected the following ingredients, gave them a good drizzling of olive oil, salt and pepper and then grilled them.

Sweet Potato | Carrot | Zucchini | Asparagus | Red onion | Pepper | Kale | Tomato | Pear | French baguette

We then used the grilled kale, tomatoes, red onion, pear, and some raw radish to make a kale salad topped off with the 7 salad dressing.

We also made some delicious sandwiches with the baguette and the rest of the vegetables. We drizzled some of the hot sauce on a few of them and some homemade pesto on the rest.2016-04-24_0009

And a fun shot of our messy, but productive preparations and styling.


We hope this inspires you to celebrate summer’s upcoming bounty and we wish you happy feasting!

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