June 14, 2016


When I began the business eight years ago; working on my old dell computer in our basement, learning what a logo was, and scared to charge anything; my dream was simply having a legit business and being able to take a pretty photo. The ‘dream’ is funny that way. There is always more. A bigger dream, something that is just around the corner. We think – after this and then that – THEN surely I will be living the dream and all will feel good in life. From a distance, the dream is sparkly. It shimmers and promises, beckoning us towards it.

The dream is good, so good. It is supposed to be there. Follow it with all your heart. But friends, can I tell you a few things about “the dream”?

The dream will have roadblocks and problems. Since your heart will be all wrapped up in it, there will even be heartache.

The dream takes perseverance. Even more than talent. At times you may feel like giving up and may wonder if it is worth it.

The dream will not make you happy. Happiness is inside us. We forget this so quickly. Happiness is a choice unrelated to living the dream.

The dream looks a lot like work. Hard work. Unglamorous and tedious. Parts of the dream you will not like at all.

The dream starts from the inside out. Following the dream will highlight your weaknesses and your fears. Dreams lived out start inside first and that truly may be the hardest part of following the dream.

The dream feels a lot like scared and vulnerable.

Lastly and possibly most importantly, the dream does not define you. What the dream looks like or becomes does not make you a better or less than person. Living the dream will not make you enough. You are enough, just like you are today.

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(From this weekend of my baby girl:)

So that dream? Follow it! The dream was placed there divinely. It is pulling you along for a reason. It is our responsibility to understand why the dream is there and what we are to do with it. But don’t live for it. Don’t lose the sweetness of today as you live for the sparkle of the dream.

  1. Angie Kauffman

    June 14th, 2016 at 8:41 am

    Thanks for this! Such good, encouraging words!

  2. Claudia Good

    June 17th, 2016 at 2:40 pm

    … and what sweetness today holds!!

    Love this picture! Thanks for sharing Char!

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