June 30, 2016


Team member Rachel is joining us today on the blog talking about July fourth celebrations! She will take it from here…

Summer celebrations; there is absolutely nothing like them. A time to slow down and let your body rest in the light breeze. You’re smiling, head back, belly laughing with your friend next to you. Summer needs these moments. This summer, call your family together and have an impromptu picnic, eat cake in your bathing suit with your little ones. Make the biggest splash in the pond and throw your brother in. Summer is for carefree car rides, heartfelt conversations, and long weekends with friends.

With summer comes July 4th which brings us to start planning the ways we will spend this holiday. So we partnered with Hatchery in celebration of this day. Good food, good friends, good fireworks. These are Fourth of July essentials.



Certainly summer is not complete without popsicles!  The sweet mess on a summer day is unbeatable! We made our popsicles ourself by using greek yogurt, fresh sliced mint and Strawberry Limoncello Deliciousness by Redcamper. Easy, fun and delicious.


Our friends over at Hatchery make celebrating these special days so easy with their incredible products from unique makers and artisans all over the country. Their products always add a special touch and flavor to our features.

We gave our mint mojitos a refreshing unique twist with Glossop’s grapefruit mint syrup. This syrup is great in so many cocktails and perfect for summer gatherings. Our cake was made sweeter with Meso Nutso’s Lavender & Vanilla Sugar Royale and Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans from Lafaza! The lavender and vanilla sugar is great in so many different dishes and, especially some of our favorite summer breakfast foods like smoothies and parfaits. Ice cream and yogurt are also made sweeter with the flavorful bourbon vanilla beans. And the mascarpone filling in the cake was made perfect with Newkirk’s Lavender Honey, an incredible last touch for nearly any dish.





Summer is for celebrating, and there is no celebration like the Fourth of July! So light the fireworks, sit back, and enjoy this holiday!

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