October 12, 2016


We can’t say it often enough – a brand story is powerful when the experience it gives is quality and cohesive on all touch points. It is easy to see only specific areas and overlook other key areas. We focus our product, but become used to less than excellent client communication. Maybe our services are awesome, but the website copy leaves our market feeling uninspired and disconnected. Possibly we have a stellar Instagram, but are always delaying our promised date of delivery. Or maybe it’s values we state we believe in but in real life our culture does not reflect those values. Website, social media, our product, messaging, promotions, packaging, culture, mission, and purpose – ALL of it should be telling the same brand story.

Are one of these not telling the same message? Our brand story just lost some credibility and our clients (or potential clients)  just lost some trust in us.

Yep, I know that can seem intense! But with the right steps, it can certainly be done. If we take a step back and access all the touch points – ways people experience our brand – we will start seeing things we may have been overlooking. Once all these touch points are accessed, refined, and then placed into a structured plan of action; a powerful brand story can be delivered with ease and effectively.

That is what we do for our dear clients with STORY.

So, SPACES. If you have a storefront, a client meeting space, a cafe or restaurant, or even a simple home office that serves as your work space – an extremely impactful part of your story is your SPACE. Brands have personalities and emotions. And so do spaces. A space will communicate a whole lot in just a few seconds. Spaces make us feel things. Reflecting our brand, our space should have the same feeling, the same color palette, the same culture,  and the same attention to detail. Beautiful spaces communicate we care. We cared enough about our customer’s experience to put time and money into creating an experience that delights. It’s a powerful part of a brand story.

Recently we had the opportunity to visit the Sunday Suppers studio in Brooklyn, NY. Rustic Joyful Food hosted a fantastic food styling workshop in this gorgeous space. As if the roasted brie and bread wasn’t enough, the day was so FULL with so much inspiration. We walked away feeling so thankful for the experience. The space felt like Sunday Suppers – the crisp white, the energy of the city outside, and the wide open windows and walls. It felt calm and inviting.

It was a reminder again, how much impact spaces have on how others experience our brand.

Now to find a space like this in central PA :-)

Here are a few photos from the workshop…

2016-10-11_00012016-10-11_0002 2016-10-11_0003
2016-10-11_0005 2016-10-11_0006 2016-10-11_0007 2016-10-11_0008 2016-10-11_0009 2016-10-11_0010 2016-10-11_0011 2016-10-11_0012 2016-10-11_0013 2016-10-11_0014 2016-10-11_0015

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