November 17, 2016


Well friends – we could not be more proud of Revolution‘s recent launch. This passionate team of women bring so much heart and strength to what they do. A recently founded social enterprise with the purpose of building relationships and community, Revolution is empowering woman experiencing homelessness through supportive job training, income generation, and most importantly – a deep love for others. Making a difference while creating a premium (and gorgeous) product is a powerful combination and they are doing it so well.

Given the rich and passion filled mission of this brand, building out the brand story was such a joy and incredible privilege. We are grateful to the Revolution team for the honor.

Revolution Brand Story Project included:

Brand positioning
Brand messaging
Product Creative Direction
Lookbook and Product Photography
Story Plan Strategy

All this coming together to create the foundation, strategy, and means to deliver a powerful brand story that CONNECTS.

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Take a minute to learn more about their impact, shop the beautiful products, and follow Revolution’s journey.

  1. Irene A says:

    I like how the very natural feel of the photography really goes with the company’s brand.

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