November 22, 2016


As a business, we want to build something that others fall in love with just as much as we do. So we get to work and start building. We get the best tools, new logo, research industry leaders, refine our craft, and keep working towards being an expert in our niche. All good things, necessary things.

But it’s all too easy in the hustle of biz to overlook a key element that success rests on.

It’s the very foundation of business.

To study and fall in love with those we serve and are selling to. Our people!

At the very base, business is relationship. It begins with understanding people. If the people we are selling to don’t see the value of what we are offering, if they don’t understand, if it’s not what they are looking for; we will not sell anything. We must fall in love with the people we serve even more than we love our product.

brand story

(photo of Bethany, from last week in the studio)

So here’s three practical steps we can start with today:

Ask questions and listen. Our people will tell us their struggles and desires. All we need to do is put our agenda to the side and engage and actively listen.

They will show us. Let’ see why they do what they do. Seek to understand, observe with the intent of loving well.

We are in business to help others succeed at life. How we do that will vary for all of us, but it starts by truly knowing that and making it the foundation of all we do.

We are not in business to earn respect, get followers, make a sleek product, offer a cutting edge service Рwe are in business to love others well and help them win. Understanding our people and why we matter to them is at the base of a powerful brand story.

We need to fall in love with the people we serve even more than the stuff we make!

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