November 25, 2016


We hope everyone is enjoying this long, restful holiday weekend! The holidays can be busy, but it can also be one of the best times for us to slow down, rest and spend time with family and friends. And on the note of gathering together – we would like to introduce today’s post written by Laura of ROAM + GOLIGHTLY. Laura has started this brand in order to inspire and come alongside others to find adventure and beauty in the everyday, even in the mundane and the struggles we face. She releases blog posts, podcasts and more to benefit her community and show them that there is a richness of life that can be found right where you are. Today, Laura will be sharing why that community surrounding your brand is so important and how to nurture and love those people and relationships. She will take it from here ::

In business, if there’s one word I hold close to my heart, it’s “tribe.” Isn’t the image of a gathering of likeminded, excited creators and hustlers, cheering and encouraging each other just the most incredible picture? In many ways, nurturing and curating this sort of togetherness is the sole purpose of why many of us began in the first place.

However, if there’s one aspect of that is overlooked when curating our ideal tribe, it’s that love should always be in every component of what we do. Love is a critical component of business. Because in order to serve others, we must be able to love them well, to understand their needs and desires and create a brand that focuses on a well intentioned desire to inspire and enrich the lives of others.

Sure, the idea of creating a business focused on loving others sounds like fluff… but the truth is, showing encouragement is often what creates ties that true trust can be built upon. Creating a strong, centered brand built on love provokes positivity and personal relationships.

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Inspired to spread the love? Here are five small ways you can encourage others in your own local network.


Who doesn’t love a little “ra ra” from the crowd when it comes time to sharing our newest ventures? That’s why publicly sharing our excitement for others can be one of the simplest ways to show encouragement. So when it comes to supporting others, share your happiness for them openly and wholeheartedly! Instagram shout outs, blog features and Twitter retweets can spark enough joy in others for days.


Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest impact. Whether it’s a beautiful card with a thoughtful note inside, a potted plant left on a small business’s doorstep or a gift card to your business bestie’s favorite lunch spot, a thoughtful present is something lovely that can brighten anyone’s day.


Feel like bringing your tribe together in a physical way? Connect and create a gathering. Maybe it’s a monthly coffee meet up, or a Facetime date with a creative from across the country, or even a fun movie night to de-stress… whatever it is, sharing your quality time is one of the most giving acts of love.

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It’s crazy how often we see our friends post on social media looking for suggestions or needs, isn’t it? So, why not pay it forward? If a friend is in need of something that you know one of a fellow business owners would totally thrive in, serve as the connector and send along their information. Sometimes just a simple tag, link to their website or an email exchange can lead to great opportunities for others out there.


It seems pretty obvious that when you surround yourself with incredible business owners, some kind of collaboration will come about. Offer up ideas, get together for a mutual cause, and just watch the kind of magic you can cook up while you build each other up!

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As a growing business, we know there are some really amazing wins and also some pretty difficult hurdles that come our way, but we can walk through it all with our tribe supporting us and loving us as we do the same for them!  We hope you were inspired by this post and remember to reach out, appreciate and love your tribe SO well this holiday season! And go check out ROAM + GOLIGHTLY to receive some incredible inspiration, creative direction and be a part of Laura’s vision and journey! 

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