December 9, 2016


Change is good and often necessary, but do we ever stop to think of how it has affected us? Not only has our own brand gone through many changes this year, but we have also been partnering with other businesses and brands to help them tell their story and change the community and world around them through what they do. Each of our job positions here at CHAR co. have been impacted in some way since working with our STORY clients this year so today we want to share what we have learned from this and how it has affected us. So we asked our team members this questions :: What have you learned this past year from creating brand stories and how has that affected your individual role? Read on to hear all of the different perspectives and stories from our team!

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CHAR :: I have learned so much this past year. A key takeaway is fully understanding the value caring adds to anything and everything. Caring is engagement, doing our best, leaning in, and treating our clients like we would want to be treated. It’s the intangible that others feel and sense. Wether it’s a conversation, an email, our product or service, or a simple comment – caring adds incredible value. We all want to feel valued and respected – even in business.

CLAIRE :: Looking at all of the beautiful flatlays that have been created for branding and watching the video tutorial that was in the CHAR co. email subscription has helped me have a fresh perspective for styling details when photographing a wedding.

LINDSAY :: Building a brand story involves intentionality and a whole lot of collaboration. I’ve learned that narrowing down a broad vision is best tackled with the help of others. A brand’s voice, look and feel becomes richer when a team comes together to refine it. I have been able to play a small role in this team effort through participating in brainstorm sessions and laying out designs for Story Guides and Plans.

CHELSEA :: I have loved seeing diversity in the brands we work with, whether that be their product or how they approach business or how they long to tell their story. Each one has something truly special they want to capture and offer to those around them. This diversity has taught me to look past the surface and dig deeper – to understand the essence of a business’ story and, in general, a person’s story – because there’s always something unique and beautiful to be found at the heart and soul of it.

BETHANY :: I personally have really been in awe of the depth that going through a brand story takes our clients. It gets to the heart of who they are and why they do what they do. I feel like this has played a very good role not only in my work, but also in general life. Being a part of other’s brand stories has helped me to very intentional when I am meeting new people or sitting down with someone to connect. I have learned how essential it is to really seek to know the heart of who they are. It helps me to be bold and share with them real, raw stories from my own life which naturally can lead to them sharing those real moments and stories from their life as well. In both my personal life and my individual role at CHAR co., it has really taught me about the importance of community and connection. Emails that I send are no longer just words, but an opportunity to bless someone. Meeting with someone is no longer about starting and ending at the perfect time, but about hearing what the other person has to say; serving them by listening and responding in love. Brand stories is not just about the brand, but really also about that person’s life – in all the depth and wildness that it holds. And it is truly an honour to be able to be a part of their story in some way.

HAILEY :: This year has been defined by learning and transition. So to nail down one specific thing would not do my journey with Story justice. But one that stands out right at this moment  is the amount of heart and passion that people put into their work. I never imagined being able to work alongside people who are continually trying to change the world through their business. I have learned so much just from them – both team members and clients alike. As far as affecting my role, it has taught me to dream bigger and go further because you never know what can happen.

And just for fun ( and because we LOVE the holiday season ), we also asked our team to share what their favorite holiday tradition is! 

CHAR :: Chocolate marshmallow cookies!

CLAIRE :: Every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, my husband, girls and I go cut down a Christmas tree and decorate it while listening to Christmas music. Afterwards, we order pizza for dinner, make hot chocolate and watch a Christmas movie. Its so much fun : )

LINDSAY :: I love the calm of Christmas morning before all the presents are opened. We sit in our pajamas sipping coffee with peppermint mocha creamer and read the Christmas Story in Luke. And if there’s snow on the ground outside? Perfect.

CHELSEA :: My favorite part about the holidays is the few days right around, and including, Christmas because no matter what the weeks and months before have looked like, my family always slows down and comes together. Family, food, candles, music, the fireplace and tree, I love it all. And I mostly love that we hit pause and take time to savor and celebrate the true meaning of the season.

BETHANY :: As a child, picking out a Christmas tree with my father decorating it with my family and adding all those festive touches around our home was one of my most favorite traditions. This year is my husband and I’s first Christmas as a married couple and my heart is nearly bursting with joy to be able to decorate our tiny home and dream of the day when our traditions will also become our children’s.

HAILEY :: My favorite tradition was always getting the house decorated for Christmas while listening to our favorite Christmas music. I also LOVE the simple traditions we have on Christmas morning – my mom makes monkey bread, we put on our favorite festive tunes, open our stockings (that Santa packs full of non traditional stocking items – last year we all got Woks – obviously not a stocking stuffer….) and then go around opening the gifts we got one another. Simple things, but it always seems to be the simple repetitive moments that I look forward to the most :)

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