February 24, 2017


Hey friends! Today we are sharing our Zest! project with you.

Nestled among the eclectic shops in the heart of historic downtown Lititz, PA, in northern Lancaster County, Zest! features gourmet foods, premium herbs and spices, kitchen gadgets, cookware, knives, home goods and so much more. Greeting it’s visitors with a delicious aroma of spices, the shop has such a warm, welcoming feel and sparkles with all kinds of kitchen goodies. It is one of those stores where a person can wander for an hour or two and then all of a sudden realize the many things one must now own.

First and most importantly we defined Zest’s brand story. Zest! already had an incredible brand presence and a loyal customer base. Our goal was to bring clarity to their brand story and then build out their brand’s touch-points. After the initial story strategy was complete, we got to work on the all the ways that Zest! brand story was lived out. We wrapped up the project with a custom Story Plan, giving Zest! a ‘manual’ for continuing to live out their brand story.

Zest’s words were “Some of the best money we ever spent!” Thanks Zest!¬†

This was such a fun and rewarding project and we were so grateful for the opportunity. Here is an overview of the project.

Story Strategy |  Creative Direction | Styling | Photography | Messaging | Web design | Print design


2016-11-29_0002 2016-11-29_0003 2016-11-29_0004

2016-11-29_0005 2016-11-29_0006 2016-11-29_0007


2016-11-29_0008 2016-11-29_0009 2016-11-29_0010 2016-11-29_0011 2016-11-29_0012 2016-11-29_0013 2016-11-29_0014 2016-11-29_0015 2016-11-29_0016

2016-11-29_0019 2016-11-29_0020 2016-11-29_0021 2016-11-29_0022 2016-11-29_0023


  1. These are some absolutely gorgeous photos!

  2. Peter says:

    Can you explain a bit more what a custom Story Plan typically contains?

    Great post!

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