April 18, 2017


April marks my entry into a new decade of life – my 40’s.  I entered my 30’s with ease but, I’ll be honest, that 40 doesn’t feel as breezy to me. My mother keeps reminding me that the 40’s were her favorite years however during that decade, my sister, brother and I were all teenagers, so either her memory has really faded or she has great tips to share with me.

Along with my mother’s reassurance, biblical references show that God brings goodness and miracles after a forty year period – and if I’m being truthful, periods of my 30’s were ROUGH – so I’m believing, almost clinging to this promise.

Before I joined CHAR Co, I served as a marketing director of a regional orthopedic practice. One of the surgeons referred to his senior patients – not as older but as more experienced. I loved that reference because certain lessons can only be learned through experience.

As I prepare to say goodbye to my 30’s, I’m reflecting on my business experiences from the past 20 years. Perhaps you can relate to all or a few of them – and it is my hope that you will also learn from them.   

  • We’re all in this together :: If you ever visited Colorado, you can appreciate the beauty of the Aspen trees. Aspen trees are unique because a single tree cannot survive on its own. In order for it to grow and flourish, other trees must grow with it. I have a piece of the Aspen bark to remind me that I cannot thrive on my own at work or with my family.
  • Chocolate makes people happy :: Chocolate is my secret weapon to making friends and getting budgets approved. Bringing chocolate to meetings makes everything better.
  • It’s ok to change course :: Sometimes a job just runs its course and a new perspective is needed. Your smarts, hard work and dedication took you to a certain point and now it is time to move on to a new opportunity.
  • Take back your time ::  Schedule time blocks in your calendar to work on tasks or think. For example, schedule 8:30 – 9 a.m. every day to check emails.  Followed by 9-10 a.m. to respond to clients and structure your day.
  • Women lead differently then men ::  This is a fact and neither one is right or wrong. Where I have felt and witnessed the greatest conflict is when women (myself included) lose sight of our feminine leadership spirit.
  • Don’t let anyone steal your power :: One of my former bosses gave me this advice – it’s simple but we so easily give it away. Take action to understand how to increase your power through understanding data, more education or developing stronger relationships.
  • Stay calm during the chaos :: Freaking out is contagious.


Friends, let’s agree together that the best is yet to come, not just for me but for all of us as we complete life chapters, big projects or start a new business adventure. I’d love to hear any life lessons you have from your business experiences. Like my favorite, majestic Colorado tree – we need each other to make an impact and make our world beautiful.

words by heather – chief operating officer

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