May 15, 2017


It’s Monday and we’re gearing up for another action-packed week! For this week’s blog we identified five key do’s and don’t’s of marketing. Our hope is that from this list, you will find one or two tips to implement into your business. We would also love for you to share any tips or thoughts that you have in the comments below!

1. DO build trust

Establishing trust is key to an ongoing customer relationship. Today’s consumers are tired of surface advertising and what they really desire is a deeper connection. If the consumer can sense that your business and services hold similar values and truly cares for them; then they will be interested in the product. Consumers are looking for a partnership to establish lasting relationships based on trust.

2. DON’T assume

As savvy business owners, we know our clients. We understand the problem that we can help them solve and some real ways to bring value to their experience with our company. Yet we cannot rest easy just with that knowledge. Consumer behavior is fickle – what worked today may not work six months from now.

So pay attention to your customers. Incorporate interviews or surveys into the customer experience to understand what’s working for them and ways you can serve them better. Read and respond to social media posts. Listen to your customer facing teams (customer service reps, sales force, etc.) to identify more valuable insights.

3. DO remember that your employees are your first customer

We just talked about how your internal team can provide valuable information about your customers. This internal team needs to be treated as a most valuable asset to your business. Listen to their feedback, praise them for work well done and coach them when mistakes happen. Most importantly understand that while we may love our jobs, we have other missions to fulfill in life – whether as a parent, volunteer or adventurer. Give your team flexibility to grow as a professional and as a human being.

4. DO develop a marketing plan and budget

PLEASE, PLEASE do not begin any marketing tactics without a marketing plan and budget. First understand where you want to go by setting goals and objectives and then identify the best ways to get there. Having a budget is essential to remaining fiscally healthy and also gives you the power to say no when necessary.

5. DON’T rely just on traditional advertising

Visual communication is amplified today through digital communications. People will form an opinion in a few seconds based on a brand’s photography and design. While print and television ads have their place within certain campaigns (grand openings are an example!), don’t assume your customers will only be engaging with those channels. Integrate and test different channels to understand what your customers will welcome.  

On social media, test a giveaway or freebie for the week to engage your fans. One company that I worked with gave away tickets to a local amusement park or a minor league baseball game. Both offers promoted more engagement and interactions on the web site. Ultimately, having a solid brand story, marketing plan and budget will be your guide to master the ideal communications for your customers.

Coffee and passion fuel us and we wish the same energy and zest for your upcoming week. Thanks for connecting with us!

words by heather – chief operating officer

  1. Call Sumo says:

    Absolutely right! From this list of tips, everyone will find at least 1 or 2 tips to be implemented on what should do or what should not do in the marketing.

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