May 20, 2017


Their WHY is beautiful. They exist to empower women, affirm their value and give them the opportunity to know their worth. This passion runs deep in their founder, Jen Smucker, and is lived out multiple ways in her relationships, influence, and business. Felt in the customer service, thoughtful collections, and shared styling tips; Main Street Exchange's WHY sets their business apart. Attainable for the everyday woman, Main Street Exchange provides classy, modest designs marked by an effortless confidence and timeless beauty.

Main Street Exchange is forming a community of women that invite, encourage, and empower each other. Their impact is a ripple effect. Confident women create a life fulfilled and fulfilled women bravely go forth. Main Street Exchange's impact is seen within their families, communities and world.

We were so honored to partner with Main Street Exchange in building their brand story. We are excited see their continued success and we know they are going to do incredible things!

Our process is consultative and custom to what each brands needs. A brand experience is multi-layered and includes many touch-points. By the end of our process, our goal is to empower a brand with confidence, clarity, and an action plan to live out a compelling brand story. We hope to give the foundation and infrastructure for a brand to connect; resulting in growth and goals met. Main Street Exchange project included Brand Strategy, Brand Story Development, Messaging, Visual Story, and Photography.

Enjoy this summary of Main Street Exchange photography. PS - don't miss the photo that went viral on Pinterest and had over 66k repins!

This photo ( below ) went viral on Pinterest with over 60k repins!

  1. Mette

    June 3rd, 2017 at 8:52 am

    Great wok – both to you at Char CO. and to Main Street Exchange!

    You wrote “Main Street Exchange project included Brand Strategy, Brand Story Development, Messaging, Visual Story, and Photography.”

    It would be really cool to see examples of what these elements of your work looks like (besides the photos in this post). Would you like to share a bit more about your process and examples of what an end result that the clients receive look like?

    Keep up the good work;-)

  2. Susanne

    June 5th, 2017 at 3:18 pm

    Oh, Mette – I LOOOOVE your question!!

    I sooooo follow you;-) I have been a regular guest here since the beginning and I have read along many places where you, Char Co., describe your work, method and proces, but I have to admit that I really don’t ‘get it’…

    Sorry guys… I am really not trying to judge you but it actually is a bit hard to see/know HOW you work with clients doing branding/marketing and WHAT the specific outcome of working with you is.

    I am saying this because I think it works sooo well when you have a favorite designer, brand strategist etc. you follow and see the specific client work described in their portefolio.

    You know, the result of their work process AND (and this is the most important and effective part) the considerations leading to the end work they show. They describe the challenges the clients are facing, the process they went through and insights to the end work they delivered.

    I know you do this a bit by sharing your photos but that actually leaves the impression that photos is (all) you do…. And that’s a shame! Because you do much more than that. But I have to agree with Mette’s comment that it would be cool to see more examples of WHAT you do and give as a end result to a client.

    I have been reading your descriptions of your proces etc. but I find it hard to see what I would get as a client. And that’s really a shame. Because I think you have something truly unique to offer and it doesn’t really shine through…;-)

    Keep it up;-)

    Best wishes,


  3. Charlotte

    June 7th, 2017 at 4:21 am

    Great questions/comments, Mette and Suzanna!

    I agree – it would be so interesting to get a better hold of how you work and what it is a client gets from you (and yes, not just your beautiful photos;-))

    I have considered working with you several times and I know that I could get in touch with you and ask but maybe you loose other potential clients because it is difficult so see what I have in my hand after working with you. Do you follow me?

    I know that you write that it is very individual processes and outcomes but it would be som interesting – and I think win you clients – to actually see examples og the end results you produce.

    When you see the portfolio of client work at Lauren of Elle & Company or with other designers or maybe a copy writer you can see exactly what you get as a client and maybe you get a thorough description of the challenges and what decisions were made to do exactly what for the client. THAT’S what makes me get in touch and ask guys like you to help me;-)

    I have looked at your portfolio and I love your work – especially your photos. But it would be really rewarding to see examples of / insights to the other parts you do – like ‘brand strategy’, ‘art direction’ and ‘story developement’.

    Just a thought I will back up because I think it will set you apart, and you deserve that;-)

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