July 7, 2017


“Don’t let summer slip by!”

“This summer is going so quickly!”

It’s what I say every year. And every year when summer is approaching, I think of the million ways I want to soak it up and make the most of it. It all seems so great and fun until the summer hustle leaves me exhausted and ready for a break. In trying to not let summer slip by, sometimes we do just that as we rush from one ‘summer fun’ to the next….all in hopes of making the most of summer.

But making the most of summer doesn’t have to be that big or complicated. Simple is often the best way to soak up this sweet season. Simple keeps us energized. It lets us notice and appreciate our current season of life and allows us to enjoy quality time with those around us. Simple gives us space to pause, reflect and be our best selves.

Here are a few ways we like to keep it simple and enjoy this sweet season…

  • EAT LUNCH OUTSIDE // A little fresh air and sunshine go a long way to break up a work day, keep you energized, and make the most of the warm summer day.
  • TAKE THE LONG WAY HOME // Sure, we can buzz down the highway, quickly getting to the next place on our schedule. But what about taking an extra five or ten minutes to take the scenic route? Roll down your windows, turn up the radio, let your hair get a little messy and enjoy the view.
  • ENJOY SEASONAL PRODUCE  // Swing by a roadside stand or farmer’s market and pick up some local produce. Nothing says summer quite like the flavor of in-season fruits and veggies.
  • PLAN A DAY TRIP // A little planning and a few essentials thrown into the car will make a day trip happen. Choose a place you always wanted to visit, don’t overthink it, and go. You’ll be glad you did.
  • PAUSE and feel the warm sunshine. Soak it up, even if only for a minute.
  • MAKE A SUMMER PLAYLIST // Turn it on when you’re cooking dinner, when you’re hanging out with friends, or just driving around town running errands. It feels festive and creates memories attached to a specific season.
  • HOST A LITTLE COOKOUT // Keep it nice and easy. Throw some fresh veggies or burgers on the grill and chop up some fresh herbs for the salad. Sit outside and enjoy a cold drink and a summer night with friends.
  • RELISH SUMMER NIGHTS // Grab a blanket and watch the sun sink below the horizon. Summer nights have such a magic feeling.


Summer is a gift. Let’s make the most of it by keeping it simple and thoroughly enjoying it. When we are living rich and full lives, it allows us to be our best selves, do good work, and serve others well. We still have more than half of our summer left to enjoy. Cancel those ‘busy plans’ and instead; slow down, kick up your feet, and enjoy summer.

What are your favorite ways to enjoy the summer season? We’d love to hear!

words by crystal – studio manager

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