July 14, 2017


In the hustle of life it’s easy to put ourselves on auto pilot and just cruise. We can sometimes find ourselves lost in the details of the day to day, slowly getting drained and discouraged because we lack vision and perspective. This can cause us to forget that our role in business (or life for that matter) is way bigger, better and more impactful than we could ever imagine.

But thank goodness for the moments that remind us of the the big picture. These moments might cause us to ask the hard questions and wrestle with ideas, dreams and plans we may have forgotten or that need revisiting. These moments can sometimes feel random and few and far between, but we do not have to wait for them to happen in order to intentionally incorporate big picture thinking into our businesses and lives. So what does it look like to live with the big picture in mind while we build, grow and tell our brand stories?

Perspective shift

We are meant to build something beautiful. The details, the mundane, and the hard moments are worth it. Truly knowing this is not something a branding company, a thousand Ted talks, or the best blog post can force upon our thinking. We have to choose to shift our perspective and believe that each moment we spend building our business is purposeful.

Know the why

Our ‘why’ propels us to act, and our actions create impact. When we know our why, we see the bigger reason behind what we do and we begin to believe that what we do is worth it. We are willing to endure the hard times to see that big dreamy vision come to life – even if it seems light-years away.

Do what you can with what you have

We cannot neglect our present. Sometimes we think that focusing only on the big picture means that we will somehow paint it faster. But as we chase our dreams we cannot lose site of how we can change the world right where we are. When we do amazing things with little, eventually we will do amazing things with much. It all comes down to seeing the moment at hand – simply being present and knowing that the little moments are imperative to create the big ones.

See the connections

Sometimes all the random pieces of building a business and telling a great brand story appear irrelevant, mundane or difficult. We have all had the “does this reallllllly matter?” moments. But all the random pieces connect and work together to build something others want to be a part of.

So this week know that each moment you pour into building your business is important. Remind yourself of your ‘why’ when the hours get long and the days get tough. Don’t forget to make a difference right where you are – right now. Each piece of your brand connects to build a beautiful story. You are changing the world by serving your customers and clients well. We believe in you.

words by hailey – story strategist

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