August 25, 2017


The topic “How to Stay True to Your Vision When Working With a Team” was suggested when we asked our Instagram tribe what they would like to see on our blog. It is a great question and one that caused me to pause and think a bit. I will write from my experience since that is all I know.

At the end of the day, relationships mean more than anything else to me. It’s a priority that everybody is thriving. That each person’s responsibility gives fulfillment and satisfaction. That each person is connected to the big goals and understands the impact of their role – even if it’s running to the store for water bottles. That emotional health is fostered in the work setting. That we care for each other. That personal life and work life feel fluid – not at odds with each other. That empathy and trust is part of the core culture. That ‘going to work’ means going to a safe place, where we are proud of our work, our team, and understand the impact for good our work is making.

When we invest our heart into shaping a culture that cares on all levels, the vision becomes the team’s vision. Then momentum rolls and passion thrives. Invite the team into the vision and watch the vision turn into something way more magnificent then ever thought possible.

words by char – founder & ceo

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