August 30, 2017


The end of summer is drawing near. Though busy, summer can be filled with vacations, outdoor eating, and spending time with family. With the new school year comes a new schedule and new challenges. This approaching long weekend has us thinking about slowing down, starting fresh, and getting inspired. Labor Day was designed as a day for workers to take a break. Sometimes taking a little break to take inventory on your priorities can prove to be invaluable.

What gives you joy? At times, a day off is a great opportunity to do or see something that inspires you. It may be going to your favorite restaurant, discovering a new place, enjoying art, going dancing, or spending time with loved ones. Getting inspiration gives momentum and motivation to things that may have become mundane.

Remember the passion that sparked your brand. Taking a day off for rest and inspiration will reignite the magic that drove you. Your brand succeeds when you succeed. A great way to succeed is to invest in taking care of yourself.

The hustle remains, but may change. Your business may remain, but schedules may change. Take a minute to savor the remainder of summer – you’ll come back to the hustle with new vigor and enthusiasm.

As summer comes to a close, we are doing our best at savoring it with a giveaway this week! It will be going live on Friday on our Insta feed so watch out for it and go enter!

words by amy – studio intern

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