September 25, 2017


When we met with Mary Jo to talk through how STORY could be a part of her business journey, we instantly fell in love with who she was and the passion she had for her brand. Watching people take risks and create solutions to the problems that others experience is one of our favorite things. And Mary Jo was no exception. She had a vision for her business and it was an honor to be a part of her journey.

Before any designing, writing or creating really took place, we dug into the nitty gritty foundational parts of Mary Jo’s brand. This is the consultative approach we take with all of our clients in order to fully understand their goals and mission. It includes asking lots of questions to develop clarity around why a business exists as well as understanding who it seeks to serve.

As a team, we worked with Mary Jo to develop her brand story foundation, messaging, look and feel and customer experience.  Each piece would be seen, heard and felt throughout every part of her business. These elements guided the creation of her touch points and brand visuals. In July, Mary Jo visited the city of Savannah for inspiration. She sent us pictures and images from all around the city. We used this inspiration (while also being slightly jealous) to guide the design for the photography and web site.

Please join us in supporting Savannah House – check out the website, Instagram and Facebook pages to see Mary Jo’s journey!

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