October 6, 2017


At CHAR co, we talk a lot about caring. We believe it is crucial for several reasons. We all want to be part of something that we care about. We care about our team, work, and vision. In addition, we want to feel cared for as an individual and work with others that we too care for. When we are asked to go above and beyond our job description, the caring culture allows us to take the risk. Lastly, truly caring for our clients leads to happy clients and a growing client base. Building care into all levels of the work culture is at the foundation of finding the right people to grow a great team. 

Here are a few ways we use care to find the right people and observe the care in others when growing our team:

Communicate: The goal is not only to find the right people to help our company but to also provide positions that enable others to thrive. The job description should be rooted on their strengths. Yes, there will always be parts of a job that aren’t our favorite. We heard someone once say that if our job is 80% what we love and 20% not as fun then we can be thankful! But initially identifying a person’s strengths sets the stage for a position that is a good fit. To do this, communication and thoughtfulness is needed during the hiring process.

Notice the Connection: The ‘do we get each other’ factor trumps skill sets. There should be alignment with values and perspectives on the big things such as relationships and priorities.

Ask before Defining: Ask others to define what they do best and what they can bring to the company before the position is fully defined and ‘put in a box.’ This gives the opportunity for others to take ownership and communicate vision for the position.

Create a Culture: Create a culture that is positive, supportive, and safe. A great culture attracts and retains. In the long run, it’s the community that is valued and gives deep satisfaction and joy in the process.

Observe What Others are Wanting: Seek advice and be willing to hear feedback on what others are wanting from a job. Be open minded and wide eyed – observing the world and current trends in society. Don’t be so inward focused that we lose touch with what others are desiring from work and life.

Always remember that choosing the right people for your team goes deeper than skillset and ability. The people that you invite onto your team will aid in defining the atmosphere and culture for your workplace which will, in turn, affect how your team functions –  their productivity level and their sense of truly enjoying their job.

Set the stage by caring first and then make sure care is at the core of those that join your team. You will be well on your way to attracting the right people and building a great team.

words by char – founder & ceo

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