October 19, 2017


It seems so cliche to say that life is a process, right? But at the same time, it is 100% absolutely true. Whether it is starting a business and getting it off the ground, learning how to be a parent, a friend or a leader, stepping into a new position at work ( and the list goes on ), it IS a process. And it’s not always an easy one – in fact, it is more likely to have great challenges and shaping experiences than it is to be a breeze. But it is the process that takes us to the places we never dreamed of going – it is the failures, the fallings, the learning from our mistakes and letting it grow us instead of push us down.

It is all too easy to despise the process, to want the hardships to be over and the next season to come. We eagerly press on and drag ourselves through the process in order to get to the next – where we simply do it all over again. This is such a tiring cycle, but we don’t need to continue in it!

What we need to do is have a different perspective about the process ( definitely speaking to myself right now too ). The process is not to slow us down or make us annoyed and it is not something that is meant to hinder us from reaching our goal. Instead, it is to grow us along the way so that when we reach that goal, there is a fullness and abundance like we could have never imagined. If we are able to grasp this different way of looking at the process, I think we might be able to better lean into it and even find joy and a new fullness in the midst of it.

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, you might be stepping into a new project or business endeavor and starting to feel the tension of that process of getting from point A to point B. As you step into this process (or into any new phase of life, really), here are some helpful tips that can help us to lean into the process instead of wishing it away ::


This can be SO hard, especially if you are like me and find fault in your own work if it is not “perfect”. Of course, we want to strive for excellence, but if we are expecting perfection throughout the entirety of the process, we will fail and thus sink into a spiral of self-loathing because we didn’t “succeed” in the way that we wanted to. So throw that expectation of perfection out the window and remember that it is a process for a reason – a space where we are constantly learning and re-doing.


As you navigate the process of your new project or new season of life, remember to have grace for yourself – don’t expect to reach the final goal right away. Accept that there may be some setbacks and disappointments and that that is actually OKAY. Like I said in the previous, don’t waste your time trying to be perfect when instead, you could be growing in skill and character.


As humans, we sometimes prefer to be independent – but there is not a lot of good that comes out of pushing away people. As you tackle the new and the unknown, invite others into the process with you. Whether it be your creative team, a friend, a mentor – invite them to hold you accountable through the process, encourage you when you want to give up, and challenge you to keep moving towards your goal.


Some days, it will be easy to lose sight of why you are pushing forward and you might come close to quitting. But remind yourself of that original goal that started you on this whole process in the first place. I am sure that when you remember that original passion, you will be reinvigorated to keep pressing on.


“What?? How can I possibly enjoy the process?!” YOU REALLY CAN. As you reach smaller goals and move closer to that big end goal, celebrate those victories, no matter how small they might be! Get excited about the fact that you are moving in the right direction. Sure, it might take a little while and have some days that feel terrible, but there is so much joy to be found in the process of moving towards something bigger than yourself.

I truly believe that we can have an entirely different outlook on the process of things, and that our attitude throughout the process can be a big determining factor of the end result. So choose to handle the next process you step into in a different way!

words by bethany – community creator / photographer

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