November 1, 2017


Today is November 1st and unofficially time to start thinking about a favorite time of year – the HOLIDAYS.  If you’re like us, September and October fly by and suddenly its time to start planning a Thanksgiving menu and preliminary Christmas shopping lists.

As a business – the holiday season may signal other thoughts: end of year revenue, strategic planning for 2018 or how to thank clients for their trust and business in 2017.

We’d love to hear from you any tips or hacks that help you end the year on a high note. For us, here’s some ideas we focus on and work to continuously improve.
Because relationships are the cornerstone to every business – let’s look at three very important relationships:
  1. Clients :: 
    1. Knowing your clients well will help you navigate this time of year. Spend time finding a small gift that will remind your clients of their amazing experience with your business.  For example, years ago I worked with an arborist company that cared for residential and commercial trees and lawns.  Each Thanksgiving, they sent hand signed Thanksgiving cards to every client who worked with them that year.  The top 20% of residential clients all received a beautifully crafted leaf ornament.  What has always stuck with me is the time they dedicated to hand signing each card (hundreds of cards!) and how nicely the gift tied to their business.
  1. Your Team :: 
    1. Let’s be honest, at times, even the best intentions can be unappreciated.  The holiday luncheon you scheduled may feel more stressful then celebratory when it unexpectedly conflicts with a new project or tight deadline. Or maybe your team would have appreciated a paid-day off instead of an expensive “mandatory-fun” holiday party.  Maybe its time to try something new…here’s a few ideas we like:  coffee (of course) and breakfast celebration, gift cards for local coffee shops (again with the coffee…) or eateries, half-day of paid time off.
  1. Family and Friends ::
    1. None of us would be where we are today without help from family and friends. Let’s all make a vow to be intentional with our time this holiday season. And truly celebrate the joy that comes from our most precious people. For me, my dear friend and I have lunch at the same window seat, in the same cafe each holiday season. We grab our lattes to go and spend an hour or so shopping in the adjacent stores. And I hope it continues for 100 years!
Now that we’ve agreed to make this holiday season AMAZING – we can all look to a new year filled with business growth, super creative ideas and shocking innovation. But for now, take a breath, finish your coffee and then go full force into the holidays!

words by heather – chief operating officer

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