November 16, 2017


When we met at the Brick Gables barn months ago we were overwhelmed by the team’s hospitality, warmth and genuine care for people. Just walking into their venue, we could feel how special their event space was and the authenticity and intentionality that propelled what they do.

As their brand story project kicked off, we began to see the thread that weaved throughout their business. From start to finish, Brick Gables celebrates life. They have a heart to serve with genuine hospitality, inviting people into a space that values family and community, and consistently creates and delivers the best experience possible.

It was our goal to partner with their team and find a way to communicate the depth of their story through messaging, visuals, and experience.

We have said it before and we will say it again, your story is every part of your brand from that one Instagram caption all the way to your sales process. So as we approach the STORY process with our clients, we develop the identity of their brand and then we take those elements and determine how each client can live out their STORY Identity consistently on all levels.

Brick Gables invited us to partner with them on their STORY development, photography and web design.  We wanted to make sure that the moment a future client jumped on their website, they felt the joy, sincerity, warmth, and professionalism that defines the Brick Gables experience. We did this by going through the STORY workshop with their team, defining their STORY Identity and then creating a visual, verbal and experiential guide for their brand that was rooted in this identity.

Their photography collection includes images that connect with their target audience and showcases their brand experience and their new website invites their client into the Brick Gables story. It was important that the website communicated the same brand experience as the venue itself – building trust before the client ever visits the space. This was accomplished by using a photo centric site, showcasing the venue and giving the visitor an opportunity to dream about their upcoming event.

We cannot wait to watch Brick Gables grow their business and live out their brand story. We loved working with their team and are excited to share with you some of their project highlights.


words by hailey – story strategist

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