November 30, 2017


Photography is one of the most powerful marketing tools and as society and technology evolve, the importance of visuals is only heightening. It is often through images that a consumer is first interacting with a brand. Therefore, a good first impression makes all the difference in building trust, gaining a following, and ultimately increasing revenue. 

You can make an amazing first impression across web, social media, and print by understanding how to utilize images across these different platforms.


Visuals on a website should capture and connect with your audience right away. In a matter of seconds, a visitor to your site is deciding whether or not they should trust your brand. It is often through visuals that consumers make this initial decision. A website that uses blurry stock photos is going to send a different message than a website that is using high quality images that are custom tailored to their product or service. Evaluate the message that your website visuals are sending to potential customers. 


On social media, consistency is key. Quality images with a cohesive look and feel are what make you stand out from the crowd. Don’t fret if not every image you are posting on social media looks immaculate. Use images on social media to connect with your audience in a more personal way.


Visuals used in print materials should make a powerful first impression. Images in print should be the best of the best and lead people to take the next step in “getting to know you” by visiting your website or choosing to follow you on social media. There is still a place for well done print materials and images that can help you wow your audience!

As you share images on your website, social media, or in print remember that the goal is to consistently deliver visuals that communicate who you are and connect with who you want to attract. This connection with your audience is what it is all about, don’t risk losing that through average visuals.

words by lindsay – project manager

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