August 21, 2018


One topic we see resurfacing time and time again as we work with small business owners is social media. It can be both amazing and annoying, invasive and informative. Whatever your view point or personal opinion, it is true that social media plays a HUGE role in the growth and validity of our businesses. It is also true that it can be one of the most difficult platforms to navigate.

Our culture is instant. More than ever, our customers want a peek into our day to day. They want to engage in a conversation with our brands. And ultimately they want to know that they can can trust and support the places they are spending their money.

As we have been rethinking our own social media here at CHAR co., we thought we would share some keys to creating social media that resonates with our customers and generates trust.


Successful social has a clear strategy. Whether you are building community, increasing sales, showing people what life looks like behind the scenes, or utilizing your platform for education, one thing remains true – strategy is key. It is easy for our digital marketing efforts to suffer when we do not have clarity on why we are using the platform in the first place. So, if you are feeling confused, don’t know what to post, or find that social media seems overwhelming – start with defining the purpose of each platform and build from there.


Secondly we need to know our message. Sometimes when we think of messaging, we think of captions, but messaging is more than words below that perfectly filtered photo. Your brand’s message is the overall thought or idea you want to communicate. For instance, when someone leaves your social media account, what do you want them know or think about your business? Your brand message will be directly related to the purpose of your social media. It will affect your captions, photos, stories, pin boards, highlights – all of it. Consistency across all of your digital platforms builds trust – so start with building a consistent message into your digital marketing. One that is recognizable, unique, and captivating.


Lastly, and most importantly – know your customer. These are the people that keep you moving forward! Creating social media without knowing who we are communicating to is pointless. We could be communicating on the wrong platform, using language that does not resonate, or posting information that does not add value to our customer’s life. Business is people. This means that we are here to make someone’s life better. Who is that someone? Get to know them and then find ways you can add value to their life apart from your product.

We know that defining a target audience is hard work. It takes patience and  A LOT of commitment. So if you are in the midst of identifying, defining or even refining your ideal target client, we created a simple workbook to help keep your thoughts organized. This workbook will walk you through the process of clearly understanding who your customer is and what they are looking for. Knowing the information will ultimately lead to a better relationship between you and your customer – ending in trust, loyalty, and growth. Download the free workbook here & let us know what you think! 

words by hailey – story strategist

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