September 22, 2018


Logos speak volumes about a brand in an instant. They have become such a part of brand identity that we sometimes (and mistakenly) label the logo as the brand itself. Although the logo is not the brand, it is still such an important piece of our brand and we need to pay attention to it. 

Logo creation is happening almost all the time at our studio, but it is never the first step in the branding process. In order to create a logo that will be remembered, we need to create something that fully represents the business and fully connects with the audience at the same time. To do this we have to dive into the depths of a brand and uncover its true identity while also identifying the target audience. Figuring this out takes time and creativity, but the results are SO worth it. 

So how do you know if your logo needs tweaking or if its ready to be shared with the world?

1. First, identify what your current logo means. 

2. Secondly, does the meaning make sense in relation to your brand at large – basically does it align with your overall purpose, your message, and your visuals.

3. Third, will it resonate with your audience?

4. Fourth, is it visually appealing? It should be easy to digest and understand. Make sure there is intention behind every detail and the design is eye catching.

5. And lastly, do you love it? It will be something that shows up everywhere by the time it is all said and done, so having a logo that you truly love is so important.

Asking these questions will help clarify your next steps in logo creation – maybe you just need an update, maybe you need a new logo all together, maybe you need to figure out your brand identity first, or maybe you need to learn more about what your target audience likes and dislikes. 

Wherever you are at – building a brand people love is a journey and logo creation is one step of the entire process.

Our charge for you this weekend is to evaluate your current logo and create your very next step towards building a thriving successful brand.

words by hailey – brand strategist

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