November 2, 2018


Businesses tend to get lost in the daily tasks of managing inventory, emails, client expectations, people, and finances. We focus on making the best product the most efficiently; striving to add value while shaving back hours and costs. We do our best to bring our best self to social media counting the likes, comments, and followers. An increase in website hits makes us feel like the world is watching us and we like that.

But the thing is, our customers don’t care about any of that. None of it. All they really care about is how we make them feel about themselves when they walk into our building, interact with our team, read our email response, and use our service.

Psychology Today highlights the influential role of emotion in consumer decision making with this statement: “Functional MRI neuro-imagery shows that, when evaluating brands, consumers primarily use emotions rather than information.”

Competitor analysis, metrics, growth opportunities, and profit margins – all good and needed, but no indication of ‘Do I like you?’

Culture is made up of the values, beliefs, underlying assumptions, attitudes, and behaviors shared by a group of people. It is the heartbeat of a business.

Culture engages employees that partner and make the business hum like a beautiful machine. Culture attracts customers that are invested. Culture creates a community of loyal fans. Culture shows the world we care without us saying a word.

Company culture always mattered but today it matters more than ever. People are searching for connection and want to be part of something they believe in.

But here is the catch, every business has culture. Whether we pay any attention to it or not – culture is there. GREAT culture drives a business forward. Bad culture erodes. Great culture requires time, hard work, and yes – even sacrifice. It doesn’t happen overnight and it will not thrive unless it is deemed priority.

When culture is recognized for what it deserves: ‘A business strategy essential to thriving companies”, then and only then are we are ready and able to build a great culture that is the foundation to a great company.

words by char – founder & CEO

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