November 8, 2018


One of the ways that we learn, in life and in business, is by studying companies or individuals who excel at following their purpose and doing what they love. Today we’ll explore a company that is thriving and getting national attention for their approach to culture.

At CHAR co, we define culture as values, beliefs, underlying assumptions, attitudes and behaviors – essentially it is the lifestyle and personality of a brand. Culture creates a community and Warby Parker, a boutique eyewear company, excels at it. Here are some examples of how they build a vibrant and fun culture:

  • They value quirkiness and fun and inject it into their interview process by asking “What was a recent costume you wore?” (Soo, I would not be hired at Warby Parker since I haven’t worn a costume since 3rd grade)
  • “We believe that buying glasses should be easy and fun.” – Warby Parker lives this out through a direct, online sales approach and with bright colorful graphics and visuals.
  • “Treat customers the way you want to be treated” –  Lots of companies work towards this Golden Rule, a rule that not only should apply to your customers but to your team members and service partners. At Warby Parker, they offer a “home try-on program” , where customers can try up to five styles of glasses at home before they decide to purchase. This approach is key to their marketing strategy as it encourages their customers to show off their new glasses to their friends and families.

A brand’s culture should be clear and consistent across all customer touch points, including social media, web site and direct sales communications. Clarity and consistency builds trust – and trust builds affinity and action. A brand’s culture also influences EVERYTHING and is becoming more and more important in developing loyal employees and clients.

words by heather – chief operating officer

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