November 17, 2018


It can be somewhat easy to determine who we want our target audience to be. What isn’t always easy is reaching out to communicate to that audience in a way that connects. 

Is there some magic formula out there that will attract the clients we want? Does it look like sending out email blasts twice a week; posting once a day on Instagram at 7pm; printing an ad in a local mailer with a 10% off coupon? While all those things are great ways to engage with your audience and potentially get a sale, today’s marketplace is filled with businesses demanding our attention. What is it about certain brands that make them stand out from the crowd? The answer is clearly defined values. 

Modern day consumers are motivated to act for reasons deeper than just seeing your email, post, or ad. With the flurry of information being sent out into the world daily, people are now longing to connect to something deeper than just a product or service. They want to connect to a belief system. 

If you are struggling to connect to the customers you dream of having, try revisiting your values. 

Are your values clearly defined and actionable? 

Brand values aren’t just words to paint on your office wall or print into training material. When defined clearly and lived with intention, values infiltrate every part of what you do. Write a list of values, narrow it down to around 5, and think through specific ways you can incorporate them into brand culture.

Are your values being communicated?

Once values are clearly defined, it’s time to put them to work. Values paint the personality and perception of your brand so make sure each way your client comes in contact with you communicates your values. Maybe one of your values is “going above and beyond in kindness”, so you send care packages in the mail to your client. Maybe another value is “celebrating the little things”, so you give discount codes for half-birthdays. Feel free to think creatively!

The best type of marketing isn’t the kind that screams “BUY THIS NOW” from the rooftops. While this approach can get results, often it lacks sustainability. Rather, connecting with your target audience through shared values is what creates loyalty, trust, and lifelong clients and fans. 

words by lindsay – project manager

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