March 1, 2019


Today we are asking the team to share insight on what they have learned from working in their specific niche of the creative marketing & branding industry. Read below to find out what Leslie, Lindsay and Hailey share!

I’ll just say it – I’m a word nerd. So it makes perfect sense that my responsibility at CHAR co. is writing copy. On their own or paired with breathtaking images, words have power, so it’s important to wield them well.
The purpose of language is to communicate. Whether you’re doing that in an e-mail, through a presentation, or via a tweet, the words you choose and the tone you take are important. And today, more than ever before, we’re using the tool of technology to communicate with our words at an amazing rate. According to the Pew Research Center online, the average American sends about 41 texts per day (if you’re under the age of 25, you can double that number). With the average length of a text hovering around seven words, we’re tossing around 287- 574 words each day in texts alone.
While there aren’t hard-and-fast rules surrounding online writing etiquette, I want to share a couple of suggestions – things I’ve learned while interacting with and listening to leaders in business, clients, and friends.

  1. Please proofread before sending. Seriously. It might take 30 seconds. You’ll save yourself a world of embarrassment.
  2. Consider your audience and write to them appropriately. A good friend of mind – president of an international company – once told me how appalled he was at receiving an email that started with “Hey!” from a contact he just met. Approach your writing with an air of professionalism, especially when communicating with someone you might not know well.
  3. Never use the anonymity of an e-mail or text to communicate something that should be done in person. Harsh words sent from behind the protection of a screen are a coward’s tool. If you have something hard to say, pick up the phone or talk about it face-to-face. Yes, that’s harder, but it’s healthier.

Hopefully you’ve found something helpful in this little blurb. Thanks for letting me share a little bit of my passion with you! And now, I need to check my phone…I think I have a couple texts to send. 
-Leslie, Writer

I have learned so much about branding and marketing in the time I’ve been at CHAR co. (going on 3 years!). One big thing I’ve learned is that a great brand is so much more than a beautiful logo or a perfectly worded advertisement. Great brands have roots that go deep. They produce amazing advertisements, experiences, and products (and we love them for it), because they are planted deep in an understanding of their purpose and seek to serve their customers first. I love that marketing and branding can be a force for good and inspire transformation on so many different levels!
-Lindsay, Project Manager

Listen, ask questions and listen some more! 
Hailey, Brand Strategist

We hope you enjoyed hearing from our team and getting to know us a little better! Comment below to let us know what you’d love to hear from us for future journals!

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