March 8, 2019


Brand visuals – the photography, videography, or graphics used online or in print – are the primary way businesses connect with customers. It is rare to see an advertisement that does not use visuals, and in a society that is so connected online, consumers are seeing tons of visuals messages each day. 

Great brands have visuals that connect to their audience, build trust, and tell a story.

1. Connect

In a way, brand visuals are just like a warm smile and a handshake. They are a great way to make an initial connection and good impression. When someone visits your website, social media accounts, storefront, etc, they are taking in the visual information and are forming a perception about your brand based upon what is presented. Brand visuals are a unique opportunity to connect with who you are serving. 

2. Build Trust

To all the online shoppers out there, I don’t know about you, but there have been plenty of times I’ve decided not to buy from an online store simply because the images of the product were blurry, poorly taken, or inconsistent. And while not every business is selling a tangible product, every business should take into consideration how the quality of images affects customer perception. Taking the time to capture outstanding images, whether in quality or concept, opens up a door of trust between you and your customer.

3. Tell a story

Brand visuals should tell a consistent story. Whether on social media, a website banner, or a printed flyer, images used across all touchpoints should communicate the heart and values of your business. When images are telling a story rather than simply selling a product, value is added and customers can sense there is “more” to what you offer than what is being sold.

Great brand visuals are a powerful tool. We believe that visuals that reflect the heart of a company have the power to connect, influence, and invite customers in. Taking time to evaluate and improve visuals can have a major impact on business and create an important connection with the people we serve. 

words by lindsay – project manager

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