March 29, 2019


Mood boards – we see them all over social media and may just pass them off as another pretty set of images. You may even ask yourself the question of, ‘do mood boards even serve a purpose?’ We are here to tell you that mood boards can actually serve as a powerful tool for you and your brand. When words are lacking, visuals can often step in to help create the full picture.

Mood boards have the ability to inspire, elevate, and communicate the identity of your brand.

  1. Inspire

Inspiration is an essential part of continuing to create quality content. If you think of a mood board as a jumping start rather than a final landing point; the possibilities of creating and getting inspired are endless. Creating a focused mood board that represents your brand identity doesn’t mean you can’t ever add or take away elements as your brand involves and changes – but having it all in one place will help you continue the curation of new perspective and vision.

2. Elevate

Elevation happens when the messaging of you brand identity is consistent yet proactive. When your audience can easily interpret what you stand for they are more likely to feel confident in supporting your business. Having a mood board that represents your brand is a great tool to help keep that consistency. It is something tangible that you can keep coming back to for guidance and inspiration.

3. Communicate

A mood board has the ability to translate the language of your brand – certain elements are hard to fully communicate just through the voice or copy of your brand. However, images, design, colors, and textures put together in a cohesive manner often create a particular look, but more importantly an emotion or feeling. True communication happens when that feeling aligns with the core purpose and vision behind your brand.

A mood board certainly doesn’t have to look a particular way. It can be anything you want it to be; whether that be on a digital platform or a tangible board that you tape cut outs to. What really matters is how your using it. Let it be the powerful tool it has the ability to be –  to elevate, inspire and communicate your brand identity.

words by julia – content designer

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