April 5, 2019


Over the years we have worked with many amazing clients in various capacities. Picking a favorite project is impossible – each client brings something unique and each project is approached with a fresh creative perspective. So, while we can’t label these next client projects as the ultimate “favorites”, we can say that they are ones we still look back on and admire.

It was so fun to work with a organic salon and spa to create this feminine lovely logo! One reason we love this logo is because of the incredibly sophisticated monogrammed “M”

How could you not love a photoshoot that involves a whole day of styling (and then eating) delicious treats? The Half Dozen Cafe photos are one of our favorites not just because the food was phenomenal – we also were able to incorporate them beautifully into web design. 

We love the light and airy design of Three Strands website. Apart from the design, we were also able to write copy that speaks in a tone true to their brand and informs potential clients of their services in a clear way. 

We love all our clients and the opportunity to partner with them is an honor and a joy!

words by lindsay – project manager


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