April 19, 2019


“Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.”

I copied this quote into my journal recently. I love it because it captures the power of beauty. Beauty causes a response. All of us, every single person, responds to beauty. Beauty takes many forms. Maybe it’s a golden sunbeam on a spring morning. A clean kitchen. A pristine view across the Rockies. A cool leather jacket. A coffee shop with a great vibe. An honest smile.

Beauty is never passive. It causes a joy. Invites us to join in. Creates a sense of order. Catches our attention. Inspires. Leaves us wanting more.

Sounds pretty much like a good marketing plan, eh?

But here is the catch. Beauty is more than a logo, photos, and interior design. Surface beauty? Nice, but only part of the equation. We want something that we feeeeeel.

Beauty is FELT with all our senses.

How you define beauty is probably different than how I define beauty. No right or wrong here. But we both know when we feel it.

Today more than ever we are so intune. Our senses are pretty refined and well, we expect something that feels right on. Whether you are a social content creator, brand manager, business owner, marketing leader, or just getting started in your career; incorporating beauty is a good starting point for creating something extra special.

Thing is, beauty never shouts and demands we give it attention. Hey, even our team can get in the hustle and bustle of projects we can forget. But when we make space for it and respect it’s power, beauty’s reward is remarkable.

words by char – founder & ceo

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