April 26, 2019


Welcome back to our monthly Team Journal! We are excited to give you a little peak into what is happening this spring with the CHAR co. team. This week, we asked our team about their to-do list items, what they are looking forward to and a brand they are just absolutely loving!

1. What’s at the top of your to-do list this week at CHAR co?

  • Business development. That means organizational structure and roles. Fun stuff! – char, founder & ceo
  • This week i’m creating some copy for an information booklet for a client, and working on tailoring some of the language sessions thrown in there between a few cups of coffee and snacks. Typical work week! – leslie, writer
  • Researching/sourcing props and creating shot lists for 3 photoshoots we have coming soon! -cherish, social strategist
  • Besides a few important emails, a website design is top of my list! The design is underway and the next steps are to fill in with copy and images. It’s a process I love! –lindsay, project manager
  • Lots of meetings! – hailey, brand strategist

2. What is something you are looking forward to?

  • The birds chirping early mornings. They make hammering through emails so much more joyful. – char, founder & ceo
  • I cannot wait to go out for breakfast with my husband! He’s a teacher, so we don’t get a lot of time together during the school year. He has a day off coming up, and it feels like such a treat to go out to breakfast together on a weekday. -leslie, writer
  • Definitely looking forward to enjoying sunny summer days with a side of watermelon and meadow tea (: Also very excited for a few trips I can planned with friends and family! -julia, content designer
  • Summer days. Bring on the sunshine, the pool days, the fresh cut lawns, the hikes, the backyard games, and endless warm summer nights spent with family and friends. -cherish, social strategist
  • I am looking forward to sunny summer days, long evenings, and all the joy and activity they bring! –lindsay, project manager
  • This summer! My husband and I had a crazy of a summer of renovations last year and are excited to enjoy just being home.– hailey, brand strategist

3. Current brand you are loving?

  • Anine Bing. She inspires me and it’s one incredible brand story. – char, founder & ceo
  • Hmmm..well, this is the time of year that my kids completely grow out of their clothing, so I wind up scouring the internet for stuff for them to wear since they don’t often have tons of free time to shop. I get a lot of things from Lands End for them. Their clothes hold up against days of outside play, clumsy spills, and lots of washing. I love their sweet, simple designs for my daughter – nothing too racy. Their customer service also can’t be beat. – leslie, writer
  • Everyday oil – it’s been a recent skincare obsession of mine. They also have super pretty & minimal branding which I’m always a sucker for (: -julia, content designer
  • Kelia Moniz. She is someone who shares her life as a surfer, a wife, a sister, a Roxy & Adidas brand ambassador in a way that makes you just want to soak in each day and live with joy and passion! -cherish, social strategist
  • Just bought a pair of Birkenstock sandals! It’s my first pair and I now understand what all the hype is about. Cute, durable, and COMFY! -lindsay, project manager
  • Ooooh this is hard. But I have really been liking Carly Jean Los Angeles. They sell online and have a great social media presence. I listened to the owner talk about her business journey on a podcast recently and I just liked them even more. – hailey, brand strategist

We hope you enjoyed hearing from our team and getting to know us a little better! Comment below to let us know what you’d love to hear from us for future journals!

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