May 3, 2019


Companies with great customer service all have this simple thing in common – they care for people. And while it’s true people will choose to buy based on the quality of a product or service, it is almost equally true that they will buy because of the way you make them feel. 

Everyone has seen examples of poor customer service that has tainted their perception of a product at large. In my family, my dad wrote off all Taco Bell’s for all of eternity just because of the one franchise near our house that had poor and slow service. (sorry to all the Taco Bell fans out there). And just because a business sells a cheap or fast product does not mean that it needs to lack in poor customer service. Anyone or any business can serve others well. No matter what. It’s part of being human. And businesses are made up of humans serving other humans. 

Often excellent customer service is in the little things – going above and beyond what is expected. Below are some brands that I’ve noticed do the details well. And because of that, I’m a big fan and I’m sure others are as well.


This place knows how to serve well! No matter where you are in the country, you can count on walking into a Chick-fil-a and seeing a smiling face. Not only that, but they walk around to refill your drink, give you generous amounts of sauces, and place jars of fresh flowers on the tables. Even though it’s fast food, going to Chick-fil-a feels special. I’ve even heard stories of people getting a free meal simply because the drive thru line took too long. Little things like this is what makes them so incredible, and why I never see a Chick-fil-a that is lacking in traffic.

Warby Parker

Good customer service seeks to make otherwise frustrating processes into enjoyable experiences. Warby Parker serves people well by realizing that shopping for glasses can be irritating. So they’ve made it easy to try on glasses from home, shipping their primarily online customer base try on boxes with no catch. And as a kind of side note, I recently visited a brick-and-mortar Warby Parker store and the sales rep was someone I immediately wanted to become friends with in real life. Sometimes simply hiring kind, friendly people is the first step in great customer service. 


Showit is a amazingly user friendly website platform that we love! Even just how easy their site is to use shows that they understand and value others. Not only does the ease of use allow the customer to feel valued, they also have extremely responsive and helpful service reps. On more than one occasion I’ve reached out to them with a question and whether simple or complex, they are always so accommodating and will see my question through to an answer. Dependability and availability speaks of great customer service!

No matter what they sell, any business that treats others well shines! It’s in serving in the details that creates the magic of a brand. 

words by lindsay – project manager

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